Orphan Works – 3rd May 2012

I was asked to speak at the launch of a white paper on Orphan Works  at UTS  Law school.  A link to the paper is here https://www.law.uts.edu.au/comslaw/Researchreports/index.html  My business partner,  Stephen Antonopoulos, made this photo (+ a few others) of me in action.  The idea was that I would put some ‘real life’ perspective on how legislation impacts on the people that are trying to make a living out of producing creative material.  No one fell asleep!

I guess the lawyers, academics and bureaucrats that deal with the pointy end of IP don’t ever spend a lot of time actually getting involved with the creative work on which their decisions have impact.

It’s a great privilege to be able to educate and hopefully make a difference for the photo industry and other visual artisits.